Some Things Your Child’s Therapist Might Want You to Know

It can be both a relief and a huge leap of faith to leave your child in the hands of a therapist.  You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors and it’s very natural as a parent to wonder: What do they say about me?  What are they doing in there?  Is it working?  […]

It Only Takes A Moment To Be Kind

A lot has been going on lately.  Between hurricanes, wildfires, and humanitarian crises across the globe, it’s been difficult to keep up and I wonder about compassion fatigue.  I recognize that the need for help, understanding, compassion, donations, etc. will be a marathon and not a sprint for all of our current situations: Puerto Rico, […]

Is There a Ghost in Your Relationship?

Have you ever been ghosted? Or perhaps you’ve been the ghost? I’m not talking about tricks and treats here. “Ghosting” is a term used by many young people to describe the sudden and complete abandonment of a relationship. All interactions, communications, and plans come to a sudden halt. There’s no explanation offered, no compromise reached, […]

What Color is Your Blue?

Last week I had the privilege of visiting the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York City. It was an amazing and overwhelming experience which I continue  to process several days later.  One exhibit demonstrated the varied hues of blue that witnesses recall the sky being that morning and it reminded me of conversations I’ve had […]

Being a Good Person in a Tough World ~ A Balm for Depression

Growing up in small central Illinois town, I always felt safe (well, ok, except during tornado warnings). My parents did a great job of creating an environment conducive to growth and a sense of freedom. My friends and I played outside in the summer until well past dark, walked to school and each other’s homes […]

Famous Last Words

I had an interesting dream one night last month.  It came right after  I fell asleep.  I dreamed I was on a phone call to someone who wasn’t a family member or friend when suddenly I heard a strange noise and the room darkened.  I shifted to look out the window while still chatting and saw […]

Complaining: Habit, Hobby, or Depression?

I remember when I filled out my profile on my personal Facebook page years ago.  When I got to the question about hobbies, I answered “complaining.”  I was reminded of this the other day when I browsed my wall and found a meme saying something to the effect of “Of course I complain!  I’m a […]

Have I Got a Job for YOU!!

What if I told you that I have a job for you?  Here’s the description of the hours:  you’ll work 8am-3pm with one 10 minute break in the morning and you’ll have 30 minutes to eat lunch.  You got off early, which is great!  You will, however,  have at least 3-5 hours of work to […]

Summer Slump and Self Esteem

Now that school is out for the summer (yay!), what are your kids going to do all day? Most parents find that the answer to this question changes over time.  When my kids were young, they stayed in pre-school.  Once they were out of pre-school, I scrambled to find them interesting and engaging day camps […]

Mental Health Awareness Month

Here we are at the end of Mental Health Awareness Month, otherwise known as May.  I’ve watched so many great memes, articles, and personal stories come up on Facebook over the last several weeks that, in many ways, it’s been hard to jump into the conversation.  The poignancy and elegance of those written accounts of […]