Hooray! I Made a Mistake!!!

About a year and a half ago I attended a workshop put on by a beloved colleague.  About 25 of us gathered on a Friday evening to hear about the use of improv in therapy.  At least, we THOUGHT we were coming to hear about improv but it turned out the presenter had other plans. […]

How Worried Do You Need to Be?

When I began my private practice, the majority of my clients suffered from depression.  What I’ve noticed  over the years is a trend towards anxiety ~ especially in the teenagers I see.  When adults ask me why kids are so anxious, I turn the questions back toward them:  “Well, aren’t YOU?”  There’s a lot in […]

Are You Struggling with Your Child’s Digital Disconnect?

Last month I had the distinct privilege of speaking in front of parents and employees at a local middle school.  My subject was parenting in the age of distraction and many parents came in, eager to learn about parenting through the teen years.  After introducing the parents to some of the neurological alterations that happen […]

When Your Child Takes the Road Less Traveled

In case you have a senior in high school and don’t already know this: college applications are due! But what if your child isn’t interested in or able to matriculate into a four-year college?  There’s so much pressure on our teens to continue their formal education right out of high school but saying college is right […]

Post-College Parenting: Now What?

It’s unusual timing but in just five short weeks my daughter will be presenting her final project to graduate from college.  It feels like we dropped her off for her first semester just yesterday and I couldn’t be prouder of the woman she’s become in the process of pursuing her education.  I’m moved beyond words […]

Can you sit in the dark with me?

It’s Mental Health Awareness week and I find my mind skimming back over some of my former clients from as far back as 1988. I’ve been privileged to learn from every client I’ve worked with and I’ve appreciated every client willing to roll up their sleeves with me and dig into the task at hand […]

5 Ways Social Media Enhances and Inhibits our Lives

Recently I felt compelled to take a break from social media, specifically FaceBook, where I have both personal and professional pages.   I had begun to compulsively check my phone for the latest posts from old friends and animal rescue sites and I wondered what unseen consequences I might be facing from falling into this […]

5 Silver Linings to the Empty Nest

Although there are three weeks until Labor Day, many schools are gearing up to start their new year before then.  One by one, my own kids and the kids in my practice are peeling off to go to their respective colleges.  Suddenly, it’s very quiet around here. This isn’t my first dance with the empty […]

The Bully, the Victim, and the Bystander: Thoughts From the Threshold of a High School Reunion

This week I’ll be heading to my home town for a visit.  Although it’s not the only reason to subject myself to a week in the tropical heat and humidity of a midwestern summer, I plan to attend my high school reunion while I’m there.  The last reunion I attended was over a decade ago […]

How Important is a Dad?

Today is Father’s Day and I find myself feeling so grateful that my dad still walks this Earth with me and so grateful that he was a loving, responsible, caring dad.  As I scan through my personal Facebook page, I’m struck by how many of my friends and family miss their fathers today and how […]